mi sistema:

Disposit. Comienzo Final Sectores Tamaño Tipo /dev/sda1 40 409639 409600 200M Sistema EFI /dev/sda2 411648 194042071 193630424 92.3G almacenamiento Core de Apple —→ SI /dev/sda3 194042072 195311615 1269544 619.9M arranque de Apple /dev/sda4 195311616 816406527 621094912 296.2G Datos básicos de Microsoft —→ NO /dev/sda5 818769000 820038535 1269536 619.9M HFS/HFS+ de Apple /dev/sda6 820039680 878904914 58865235 28.1G Sistema EFI /dev/sda7 880859136 884764671 3905536 1.9G Linux swap /dev/sda8 884764672 976773119 92008448 43.9G Datos básicos de Microsof

EFI system - GPT

For EFI systems GPT is mandatory but does not have the restrictions explained above. The only requirement is to have a bootable partition (EFI System Partition) of type FAT32 and with enough size to store the EFI drivers. 500MB should be enough to store a bunch of them:

parted> mktable gpt parted> mkpart fat32 0% 500M parted> set 1 boot on parted> quit

dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1 bs=64K


resize2fs /dev/sdb4

mkfs.ext4 -S /dev/sdb6