Local Forwarder Name Server

Sometimes you need more control over your DNS queries whether you're at home and your little internet router does not handle this very well, you have the need to manage internal names but keep relaying on your main DNS server or you just want to have more control because you can :P
It's pretty easy, most Linux distributions ship BIND configured as a cache server so you just have to add a couple of directives to enable forwarding:

This code is all you need to enable this functionality, add it to your named.conf options section:

        allow-query     { localhost;; 192.168.1/24; };

        //we're a caching server
        forward first;  
        forwarders {

On the allow-query section set the hosts or networks that are allowed to ask your server for domain names and on the forwarders section add your DNS server.

That's it!! enjoy